Art Gallery Showcase

One of the most beautiful examples of Sister Mary of Carmel's art serves as the header image to this entire exhibit: the hand drawn, colored message seen above. This piece showcases her amazing talent for drawing and keen eye for color that frames the phrase and highlights certain words. It seems appropriate that a Dominican Sister so enamored by the world of art would use it to express her love of God and His presence in her life.

Sister Mary of Carmel Lord Artwork

Oil Painting Painted by Sister Mary of Carmel

As a special addition to this Gallery Showcase, here we have a sample of one of her oil paintings. This photo is courtesy Sister Joseph Marie Levesque in New Bedford, whom has this painting hanging in her living room. I will let the beauty of the painting speak for itself. 

This concludes the showcase of some of Sister Mary of Carmel Lord's art that are housed in the archives. These just serve as examples of some of her best work. There is so much more in the archives left to be seen and appreciated, particularly of her beautiful sketches.

Art Gallery Showcase